Discovery: Medrano Tamen Ngathie,the Cameroonian who became the king of Nigeria

He left, very young his native cameroon, to go to conquer the neighboring nigeria, Tamen Ngathie Medrano is today one of the most important players of the Nigeria Professional Football League, currently  in holliday to Cameroon, Medrano does the honor of answering some questions of sports infos buzz at the microphone of Aurelie Mantea, Sports INFOS BUZZ : Hi MEDRANO TAMEN pleased to see you this morning

Medrano : me too


Medrano : Medrano is a young Cameroonian football payer who was born in a small town in Muyuka.

SIB: 2- how do you start your career

Medrano : You know these phenomena of all Cameroonians have seen our dad and grandfather break with the greatest players from around the world where the desire has all rocked for the sake of football

SIB: Can you tell us about your young carreer.when it begin, where and how?

Medrano Footbal: Yes as a youngstar i have always wanted to play football but you knw all Africans parents want their children to go to school,my late father was a business man who often travel to Nigeria to buy and sell goods used to take me along with him and each time when ever he left me alone,am always playing with the local lads around in Nigeria there and that was how a coach spotted me out and ask my dad to take me to a football trials in Ondo state(Akure)to be precise Medrano: They took me into their academy and by then my father has already established him self in Nigeria together with my mum so i was intergrated in the SUNSHINE STARS FOOTBALL ACADEMY in Nigeria where i started learning and exposing my talents

SIB: Woaww…what do you think about football level in NIGERIA?

Medrano : The level is very elavated than ours in Cameroon as u can see they are in the ongoing CHAN finals

SIB: Can you say the  nigerian football league is better than cameroon one?

 Medrano : YES

SIB: Can we know in which ways?

Medrano : 1-grassroots football:

If u can see for the past 5yrs Nigeria youth teams have been appearing in CAF and FIFA Competition not only that,they have been winning aswell

Medrano : 2-Their incractures and the level at which they are organised in their various leagues is better than ours Medrano : etc etc

SIB: Do the national team contact you?

Medrano : Not yet but thats my dream one day

SIB: now talking of you future…what are the projets for your carreer?

Medrano : As every young player,you always want to go out to Europe to play in the best leagues abroad so am waiting on to get a suitable club that will make my progression easy for me

SİB: That introduce me to the questions : in which club you have always dream to play?  And why?

Medrano : I have numerous clubs i dream of and in different countries aswell but the club i have always admire shud be REAL MADRID bcus of Zidane Medrano : But i knw the road is still long but in Football anything can happen

SIB: Some ambitions for future like 5 african ballon d’or ? 6 european ballon d’or…world cup? Soulier d’or?

 Medrano : The future is pregnant for this trophies but as i say in football everything is possible when you work hard  

SİB: Where and how do you see yourself in 5 years with your carreer and personnal life?

Medrano : Well i see my self in the nearest future in a good club playing my trade and also having a wonderful small family who will always support me

SIB: Is all we wish to you…for your carreer Medrano : Thanks somuch   SIB :A last word to say to our followers?

Medrano :They shud keep believing in God and only him will make it possible for all of u

SIB : It is in this beautifful message that we will thank you for your time, your wellbeing …and wish you goodluckfor your carreer

Once more let the almighty God prevail in our lives.God bless us all

  interview realized,by AURELİE MANTEA.

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